About this workshop : Always found dreamcatchers to be pretty and wanted to buy them all? Why not just learn to make yours? In this workshop, you will be taught a step-by-step process on how to make your very own Dreamcatcher. Decorate the nooks and corners of your house or keep the negative dreams away, sharpen your creative skills in this workshop!

What will the workshop cover and materials will be provided?

  • Introduction to Dreamcatcher 
  • Wrapping the hoop
  • Learning the technique to weave a Dreamcatcher web
  • Attaching the feathers and accessorising the Dreamcatcher 
  • Different materials and tools knowledge
  • A kit consisting of two 7inch hoops, cotton threads, wool, feathers, beads, needle, fevicol & scissors, the extra materials can be taken back home for you to practise.

What does the fees include? 

Mentor's Time | Knowledge and Experience | Materials | Taxes | Refreshments | A Free Gift | You Take Your Creation Back Home With You

Hold your bad dreams at bay and generate positivity with colourful Dreamcatchers hanging around your house. Whether you are a cozy house lover or a believer of cultural charms, add an edge to your rooms with these beautiful hangings. You can even gift these to your friends and family or set up your own business with your newly developed skill!

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3 hours


INR 1999/- 
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