Let your hair do the talking!

They say, “Invest in your hair, it is the crown you never take off".
A pure love for those luscious locks blended with quirky and youthful style sensibility gave birth to this uber cool offspring called the “Accessory Funk”.
Our brand wholly and solely abides by the phrase above.
 We are a bunch of vivacious individuals who are always digging out new ways to make your tresses
look absolutely gorgeous by constantly creating pristine ways of styling them with our unique range
of customised accessories and some fun collaborations with other brands to provide you all with an array of options to choose from.
So for all the tress enthusiasts like us, we are commencing with our new blog which will be your one stop hair guide ranging from hair care tips, to tricks and hacks, to styling tutorials. Any “hair related” queries, we've got the solution for you! Also, your wish is our command! So feel free to give in your suggestions and tell us what do you want to read in our diary, and we shall bring that to you. This is our way of connecting with you guys, where we bring to you our thoughts and views and a lot more off course. This is our space where we are transmuting our products into voice to connect with all of you lovely individuals out there.
So, watch out this space for more interesting and fun stuff, we assure you won’t be disappointed!
That’s all from us for now 🙂
Stay tress-utifull! 😀

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